Indirect Investment

Portfolio Analysis

When investing into a new asset class or adjusting their percentage of total holdings in an asset class, an investor will need to assess how their returns may be affected as a result of such adjustments to their portfolio.  We assist institutional investors in making informed decisions using a range of benchmarks of historical data and forecasted returns, which enables an investor to understand how the yield of anticipated return by asset class will impact their overall portfolio return.  This simulation analysis enables investors to adjust their portfolios based on fair assumptions to allocate their portfolio with the aim of achieving the overall returns sought.

Asset Manager Selection

We enable institutional investors to understand the options available to them for indirect investments.  We work within institutional clients’ protocols and governance procedures in advising them through a process to select suitable asset managers to achieve their target returns.  As part of our due diligence, advisory and assurance service we compare the asset manager and each fund’s performance against a comprehensive range of indictors, so that institutional investors have reliable information.  Our service assists institutional investors in shortlisting the asset managers that are most suitable and aligned to the institutional investor’s investment requirements.  The fund manager has assurance that independent checks have been made on the asset manager and that the performance of the asset manager is suitable to their requirements.


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