Infra Market



What is Infra Market™?  

Infra Market™ is a new online market place for Stirling Infrastructure Partners’ clients and network partners to view direct and indirect infrastructure investment opportunities.  Investment opportunities can be disclosed within this private network, whose participants include asset managers and capital providers.  Participants can present a profile that explains the investment opportunity, or what type of investment they are interested to allocate capital into by geography or infrastructure sub-sector category; all data is available on the platform on a no-names basis.  As part of our internal due diligence process checks, we will check that the institution is a professional investor.  We will carry out checks on the institutions’ and asset managers’ records of accomplishment and sector experience before allowing access to the platform. 

Who can access Infra Market™? 

The platform has two categories of users: asset managers and capital providers. Infra Market™ is available to institutional investors and asset managers on an invitation-only basis. 

What are the benefits of Infra Market™? 

Whether you are an asset manager or a capital provider, you want to engage with market participants that are relevant to you and able to meet your portfolio objectives.  Infra Market™ acts a filter to enable you to use your resources more effectively.  Only transactions that satisfy Stirling Infrastructure Partners’ filtering processes will be shown on the platform.  Stirling Infrastructure Partners also reduces the burden on you, as we carry out regulatory compliance procedures checks on all approved participants before they are permitted to list any investment opportunities on the Infra Market™ exchange.  

How do transactions occur on Infra Market™? 

Either a teaser or an executive summary of the asset manager performance and investment strategy is uploaded onto the Infra Market™ platform on a no-names basis.  Stirling Infrastructure Partners will disclose the identities of the asset manager and the capital provider once a request for further information is made, and as necessary if a non-disclosure agreement is required to be signed by both parties via the Infra Market™ platform.  The asset manager will grant the capital provider permission to access all the necessary documents to perform due diligence checks on the transaction via the online Infra Market™ data room.

How secure is Infra Market™?   

Infra Market™ ensures security by using a 256-bit encrypted Secure Sockets Layer for all communication over the network.  The Infra Market™ technology suite is SSAE 16 SOC 1 compliant and undergoes regular third-party security audits.


Stirling Infrastructure Partners does not give a legal undertaking to users of the Infra Market™ platform that the checks the company makes are sufficient for the users’ own purposes.  All users are advised to carry out their own due diligence checks to ensure that all transactions they enter into meet their own internal standards. Infra Market™ is a trademark of Stirling Infrastructure Partners.  This document does not intend to be part of any contractual arrangement between Stirling Infrastructure Partners Limited and any third party.  This material is for information purposes only.  The material presented here is correct at the time of publication and is subject to change. 


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