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1 minute survey
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Nameyour full name
Positionyour position
Contact Numberyour contact number
1) Which of the following applies most? 1/11(Please select one)
2) Do you expect your allocation to change over the next 18 months? 2/11(Please select one)
3) How much do you expect to invest or commit over the coming 18 months? 3/11(Please select one)
4) What investment holding period are you comfortable with for infrastructure? 4/11(Please select one)
5) Which of the following types of assets have you invested in and are interested in? 5/11(You can select more than one option)
6) Which geographical regions have you invested in and are interested in? 6/11(You can select more than one option)
7) Are you more interested in infrastructure equity or debt, or a combination of the two? 7/11(Please select one)
8) Do you invest directly in projects, or indirectly through funds or listed investments? 8/11(Please select one)
9) What are your annual return requirements for infrastructure investments? 9/11(Please select one)
10) What is your current allocation to infrastructure in $US dollars equivalent? 10/11
11) What is your target allocation to infrastructure in $US dollar equivalent? 11/11

Your contribution is of significant importance and we value your time in completing this survey.  .