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Welcome and Infrastructure Survey results
• How are the roles of the governments, institutional investors and investment banks evolving to meet the infrastructure gap?
• Are national projects that are expensive to finance and unlikely to produce a profit only the responsibility of a government?
• How can the government attract institutional investors to have a role in complex and high risk investments?
• What governance issues should the investment committee seek assurances upon prior to making an allocation into an investment?
• When in a consortium, what are the common challenges to making an investment and how can they be managed?
• Should the investment committee consider responsible investment and does this mitigate risk?
• Should optimisation include an allocation to both listed and unlisted infrastructure allocations?
• The comparative financial risks and returns on the performance of publically listed infrastructure compared to unlisted infrastructure.
• Does the size of a fund affect whether it is likely to achieve better returns to allocate into unlisted or listed infrastructure?
• Obtaining credit and spreads available from lenders on the market and how to select a debt provider for project finance and refinancing.
• How do fixed income infrastructure debt returns compare to real estate and corporate bonds?
• Is infrastructure debt a good opportunity to invest for pension funds? Are yields likely to increase, decrease, or remain stable in the foreseeable future?
• Institutional investors investing in smart cities and upgrading outdated infrastructure.
• New infrastructure and revenue model.
• Creating greater efficiency lower carbon emissions and greater profitability.
• How will Brexit impact institutional investor confidence in the UK and Europe when making large infrastructure investments?
• Are investment graded assets in an emerging market a better investment for pension funds than lower yielding infrastructure assets in developed markets?
• Should institutional investors now reappraise their infrastructure allocations from Europe into other markets including North and South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East?
• The Golden Age to build supported living for elderly.
• Growth projections in major international cities.
• How institutional investors can prepare and invest in this growing market opportunity.
• A discussion on the reconfiguration and disruption of global energy market’s competing sources of energy and the fluctuation of prices.
• The search for stable returns for institutional investors in an uncertain global market with fluctuating conditions.
• Where should institutional investors and utilities invest in the energy mix?
• An insight into investment strategies in Europe, the Americas and Asia.
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